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Seekers Mekong Dry Gin

Seekers Mekong Dry Gin

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STYLE | Mekong Dry Gin

HEROES | Pandan, Khmer Basil, Battambang Green Oranges, Asian Lime Leaf + spring water from the Kampot Mountains for its unique taste and rich mineral content for a full bodied gin.

CHARACTERISTICS | A smooth, vibrant gin that celebrates the wild warmth and rich culture of the Mekong.

PRIMARY NOTES | Aromatic, fresh, herbal-citrus with warm, floral-pandan.

G&T GARNISH | Asian Lime leaf.

DISTILLATION | 13 Botanicals, naked-flame, Copper pot distilled. 41.3% ABV. 

BASE SPIRIT | Highest grade spirit, derived from Cassava root.

FORMATS | 700ml, 200ml, 50ml.

AWARDS | 2019 Silver - Singapore World Spirits Competition
2019 Bronze - London International World Spirits Competition
2018 Gold - Hong Kong World Gin Masters