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Greedy Italian Gin Negroni Set

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Easy to make and refreshingly bitter, the Negroni is said to have been invented in Florence by the dauntless Italian Count Camillo Negroni in the early 20th century. While at Bar Casoni in Florence, he demanded that the bartender strengthen his Americano by replacing the usual soda water with gin.

The Greedy Italian Negroni is a modern Italian take with all ingredients originating from Italy - Berto Bitters, Il Reale Vermoth and Greedy gin

How to make it:

  • 35ml x Berto bitters
  • 35ml x Greedy Gin
  • 35ml x Berto Bitter Royal
  • Add in a twist of orange peel to finish it off 

What's Included:

  • Greedy Gin
  • Berto Bitters
  • Il Reale Vermouth
  • 2 x Ginsanity Glasses

The total set is valued at $1,075 individually.  

The Perfect G&T

The best part about Gin & Tonics is everyone can create their perfect cocktail with only a few key ingredients. Our recommendation is:

  • 40ml x of your favourite gin
  • 200ml x of your chosen tonic water
  • Add in your garnish to finish off the aromas

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