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Adnams Special Brewery

Adnams, a prestige British brewery, with a history going back to 1396 only started distilling their own gin at the start of this decade. However they more than making up for lost time. Their gin base is made by distilling an unhopped beer and distilling it to spirit strength. This means that Adnams are fully grain to glass with the majority of their ingredients coming from a 25km area. Adnams flagship Gin; Copper House has won many awards including World's Best Gin at the 2013 IWC awards - check out the pre-mixed GnT in your box for a taste, as well as their pre-mixed Copper House Pink GnT.John the head brewer/distiller at Adnams has been a big fan of Thai...

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Introducing Ginsanity Gin Club

Each month the Ginsanity Gin Club will send out a custom box containing a full size bottle of gin unique to Hong Kong, exclusive to Ginsanity Gin Club Members.  Upon opening their box members will also find two mixers chosen specifically to pair with the gin, treats to be enjoyed with the gin as well as information on the bottle and cocktail ideas.

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