Past Gins

  • PiGin

    PiGin is our first gin from Sweden and displays botanicals and ingredients from across the country. The base itself is an organic rye vodka base from Dalarna, a Norwegian border county and the remaining water is from a nearby fresh water source.
  • Langtons, a Celebration of the Lake District

    Langtons is a celebration of the lake district, the softness, the elegance, the freshness and the warmth. The experience starts with a soft underst...
  • You & Yours - San Diego Distillery

    You & Yours only started life as a small distillery on the West Coast but has exploded across the United States. Using only the freshest ingre...
  • Heimat Gin; The type that warms you up

    Heimat Gin is the type of gin that warms you up after a long day at the Christmas Market. Located in an old stone works in the forests of Stuttgart...
  • Adnams Special Brewery

    Adnams, a prestige British brewery, with a history going back to 1396 only started distilling their own gin at the start of this decade. However th...
  • Gin 1689 - Gin's Original Recipe

    This month we move from Down Under to what many consider the home of gin; The Netherlands. This gin does will only take you on a journey around the world, but also back in time to 1689. 
  • Welcome to Hong Kong's first subscription Gin Club!

    Our first bottle; Noble Cut - comes direct from Sydney, Australia. Made by the legendary Young Henrys Brewery at their distillery in Newtown; in the heart of Sydney. 
  • Introducing Ginsanity Gin Club

    Each month the Ginsanity Gin Club will send out a custom box containing a full size bottle of gin unique to Hong Kong, exclusive to Ginsanity Gin Club Members.  Upon opening their box members will also find two mixers chosen specifically to pair with the gin, treats to be enjoyed with the gin as well as information on the bottle and cocktail ideas.